Skin Care


Your skin, Your formula, hand-picked and freshly blended by Bella Face.

What’s the formula that will get you a glowing skin today?

Since its inception, Universkin has empowered doctors to create healthy skin, providing them with the tools to create their individual patient’s ideal, tailor-made skincare to help achieve the most remarkable results.

Universkin’s revolutionary approach to skincare introduces formulas that can be made-to-measure fresh for you, to meet your unique needs. By carefully selecting the active ingredients, your specific skin concerns can be treated.

We have 2 million different formulas available to create your perfect and unique skin serum. We diagnose your skin requirements using a unique skin analysis technology, a photograph, a questionnaire and our experience.

We make our selection from 19 different active ingredients which are the highest pure pharmaceutical quality added fresh to our serum base. One reason this range is available to doctors only.

This is a new and exciting category of skin care called Functional Dermatology. It was developed to treat conditions such as Rosacea, Melasma, acne, sun damage, hormonal ageing and more.

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