The Vida Glow Supplement Range

Specific supplements should be considered when our bodies loose the ability to synthesise certain molecules due to aging process, or when our diet – even a good one – does not provide enough of those substances.

We are bombarded with supplement options in chemists and supermarkets. When taking a supplement we must be assured that our bodies are able to absorb and process the brand that we are taking.

In the Medical Aesthetics Speciality we are especially interested in reducing skin aging. The Vida Glow range provides research based results to slow or reverse skin aging

The Vida Glow range includes;

  • Marine collagen for skin health, elasticity, reduced wrinkling and aging changes
  • Anti-G-Ox balances the effects of oxidative stress that ages the skin
  • Hairology for radiant, thicker hair
  • Clear a specific probiotic formulation that helps acne and rosacea
  • Radiance reduces skin blemishes and helps even complexion and glow


Our Clinical Team at Bella Face are satisfied that the Vida Glow product range gives excellent results. The products also substantialy enhance other skin treatments – whether that is ‘in clinic’ treatment with our clinicians, or when combined with an exceptional skin care regime.

You’ll get the results your looking for!

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