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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Injectable Muscle Relaxants and how do they work?

A: Injectable muscle relaxants are a purified protein, a medicine that removes lines and wrinkles from the face by relaxing the overactivity of the muscles that cause the lines, with precision placement it can also be used to rebalance the facial muscles to overcome the ageing effects of gravity, and, therefore, produce a more youthful appearance.

Q: Are anti wrinkle injections safe for wrinkle treatment?

A: Yes, it has been used for many years in medicine without any cumulative or long term side effects, so we know it is safe.

Q: Why do people seek wrinkle treatment?

A: Largely because people are much healthier today, the physiological age and lifestyle at age 40 for example is that of a 30 year old. However, when they look in the mirror, what they see is not consistent with the way they feel on the inside.

The essence of facial harmonising is to maintain the positive expressions, but relax away the negative ones to provide a youthful, and attractive balance to the face. We highlight the positive character, maintain natural expression, and erase the negatives. For example, the smile lines around the eyes and the little “comas” at the edge of a smiling mouth are pleasant lines. They say I smile, I’m happy, I’m approachable. These are positive expression lines. However, when they extend from the side of the eyes, across the cheeks and temples or, when they become more deeply etched, they become ageing. Facial harmonising with injectable muscle relaxants and dermal fillers allows the skilful Cosmetic Surgeon to give you your cake, and allow you to eat it too.

We can maintain our positive character but lose the signs of ageing by “balancing” the extent to which we erase the lines. The frown line between the eyes (glabella lines) on the other hand, are negative expression lines. They say, I’m grumpy, I’m always angry, I’m unapproachable. These lines often misrepresent a happy person whose brow furrows when they think, talk, or face the sunlight. In this instance injectable muscle relaxants can remove the unwanted, negative expression, leaving a more pleasant and serene look to the face.

Q: Can you explain about rebalancing the facial muscles with Injectable muscle relaxants?

A: We use precision anti wrinkle injections (muscle relaxants) to rebalance the anti gravity facial muscles against the muscles that pull the face down, therefore, lifting the face to produce a more youthful appearance. It can be further used to harmonise the face, for example we can produce a “non surgical brow lift”, opening the eyes wider to make them more engaging and inviting, or to erase the marionette lines that run from the corner of the mouth down to the chin, and impart an aged appearance.

This is produced by advanced anti wrinkle injections techniques that require the artful placement of precision Injectable muscle relaxants which rebalance the facial muscles.

There is an art and a science to the use of Injectable muscle relaxants and dermal fillers in facial harmonising. An artistic and skilful Cosmetic Surgeon can enhance youthful beauty, maintain natural expression and erase negative and ageing attributes from the face.