After Treatment Home Care

Muscle Relaxant Aftercare

The effects of anti-wrinkle treatment can take a week or so to show. So instead of sitting in front of the mirror for days waiting to see the difference, why not use this time to perform a little after treatment home care to help speed up the healing process and ensure optimal results?

After your treatment, give yourself some peaceful relaxation time. You can gently start exercising your face by smiling a lot – which is always a good idea!  Also try raising your eyebrows and frowning. While you are waiting for the final fabulous results of your treatment, these little exercises will remind you what is waiting for you.

Some recommended do's and don’ts to optimise results

Then let the treatment do its magic and patiently wait for the fabulous results and the showers of compliments that will be coming your way!

Dermal Filler Aftercare

Optimal results after filler treatment can be expected after 4 weeks. During that time, you can do your fair share to speed the process along and ensure a super-successful outcome!

Straight after the treatment the area may feel a little swollen and/or a bit numb. This may last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days.

Some recommended do's and don’ts to help minimise swelling

DO look in the mirror a lot, DO smile a lot, DO enjoy your enhanced natural beauty!

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