Hunter Leader | Bella Face | Dr Nici Williams

Dr Nici was interviewed by Holly Martin founder of Hunter Headline. Watch the interview here!

Originating from South Africa, Dr Nici Williams became the new owner of Bella Face Medi Spa in 2020. She has a vast range of skills under her belt and was trained in non-surgical cosmetics with Bella Face’s previous owner, Dr Anoop Rastogi in Double Bay before taking ownership.

With over 10 years of experience as a GP and skin cancer doctor, Nici has a passion for helping her clients achieve the best results and providing tailored treatments that enhance one’s natural beauty.

Nici completed her first degree in International Relations at St Andrews University in Scotland, alongside no other than the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William. As well as her work as a GP, and non-surgical cosmetic treatment specialist she has also worked on international humanitarian and refugee projects.

Nici is now proud to call Newcastle home with her husband and six-year-old twins. She enjoys beach days, surfing, yoga and running.

Interviewed by Holly Martin, founder of Hunter Headline and Chief Marketer at The Marketing GP.

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